February 11, 2013


Hey everyone,
some of you asked updates about the Book. It is currently in a shop for the binding. As soon as they give it back to me (I'm positive it will be this Wednesday), I'll post some photos of it. I'm going to send it to Robin either the end of this week, or beginning of the next.
I'll include a Congratulations Card for Robin's Engagement as well, from all the fans. This one's ready, I'll post a photo of it as well with the Book's photos.
I'm also positive I will post an online version of the book this week-end, so you will all be able to download a copy of it.
Please, be a little more patient, unfortunately the binding took longer than I had thought.

Thank you ;)


MarĂ­a Sol said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Novella. As I told you before, you're doing and amazing work. We'll be waiting patiently for your updates. Have a nice week! :D

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