April 11, 2013

Robin Tunney's Answer to The Fans' Book!

I've received today Robin's answer to the Fans Book I've sent her last February!
And she also included a special gift with the message, the cross chain Lisbon used to wear during Season 1!
I can't express how awesome that is, it's like holding the most wonderful treasure in my hands!

I will not thank Robin enough for her sweet message, and for the wonderful gift. You are awesome Robin!!

I hope Robin's wrist will heal very soon, and I appreciate even more that she took time to write something despite that! Get well soon Robin! ♥

The Message:

Thank you for the beautiful book! My wrist is broken so I cannot write much.
I have procured Lisbon's cross from season 1 for you as a token of my appreciation.
Lots of love!
xx Robin."



The Pink and Green Life said...

This is awesome. :-)

Terezinha said...

Maria the Robin sent you two little chains (cross) for you? For the pictures seem to be two.

Maria Novella said...

Nope, it's one :)

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