November 13, 2012

Note about the Language

Just a little note to clarify that I'd need your messages to be written in English, as the book will be all in English.
If you have problems in writing your contribution, I can provide help with the translation in English from Italian, French and German. I could also find help with the translation from Spanish and Portuguese.
So if you need help you can ask me, I'll try to help you. ;)
If there's someone who'd like to volunteer to help with the translation in case help is needed, I'd also appreciate some help.

Thank you! :)



Tom Edwards said...


I'd love to help with the Swedish material...


M. Novella said...

Thank you very much! :)

Vilma Svobodov√° said...

can i send it to you in PDF? or made in word?

M. Novella said...

I received your mail. It's alright the way you sent it ;)

OxYTox said...

Hey Novella!!

I left you a tweet a few days ago asking you when is the last day to send you my page... I've just seen it's on 31st January :)) I have time during vacation!! ^_^

I also wanted to tell you that I can help you with Spanish in case you need it :)

I tell you my email and twitter account if you want to contact me:



M. Novella said...

Thank you for the kind offer :)

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